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Samsung SDP-860

Using the Samsung document camera

1. How to Use your Samsung SDP-860 document camera

1.1. Basic use of Samsung SDP860 document camera

How to Operate your Document Camera

Video Tutorial

To power on the document camera, locate and press the power button on the top row of the control panel.

Auto-Focus (AF)
The document camera is programmed to auto-focus, but if you wish to force an auto-focus, press the AF button.

Manual-Force (MF/AWB)
The MF/AWB button allows you to manually refine the focus on the object.

Control Wheel
The control wheel contains brightness levels and zoom settings. In the middle of the wheel is a menu button. Press to display additional options. Use the up and down arrows on the control wheel to move within the menu. One of the options in this menu is the Macro Lens, which is particularly helpful in science classes.

The freeze button will hold or freeze an image on the screen. This is helpful is the item being projected is moving. It can also be used if you wish to keep an image on the screen while in the background, you can prepare the next item.

When navigating through menu options, the Esc button offers a quick way to return to your live display image. 

1.2. Samsung SDP-860 User Manual

User Manual


2. Samsung SDP-860 Software

2.1. Samsung SDP-860 Software

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3. Using the Samsung Document Camera SDP-860 for both Remote and Live teaching

3.1. Using Samsung SDP-860 for BOTH remote and live teaching simultaneously

If you are trying to teach your in-person students and you have students who are trying to join you remotely through Google Meet, you will need to do it a certain way so that both LIVE and REMOTE students see the image under the document camera correctly.

1.  Have your webcam set up as your video camera when you join the Google Meet.

2. When you want to share something under the document camera, you will need to start the document camera software (SDP viewer).

3.  In your Google Meet, present a window, and choose the window that shows document camera app.

4. Students should learn how to change their Google Meet layout to Spotlight and also click on Full Screen to get a much bigger picture of what you are trying to share.


*Note- If you try to just switch between webcam and document camera (without the document camera software) in the Google Meet settings, your REMOTE students will see the image correctly while your LIVE students will see it backward.

If you try to switch between webcam and document camera (with the document camera software) in the Google Meet settings, the document camera will FAIL.


4. Shooting Photos and Videos with your Document Camera

4.1. Shooting Photos and Videos with your Samsung SDP-860 document camera

Video Tutorial