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Tech Support Ticket

How to use the MAPS HelpSpot help desk ticketing system.

1. Requesting Help

1.1. Submitting a Request

To submit a work order you must go to http://tech.mapsk12.org and click the "Submit a Request" link.


Please fill out the submission form on the next page. Mention all the relevant details to the problem such as the room the problem is occuring in, the specific computer, printer, desk, projector, etc. and the time that the problem occurs. Anything you may know that is relevant will help us assist you in a timely manner. Try to include:

  • What you were doing when the problem happened?
  • When was the last time this worked (if ever)?
  • Does this happen every time you do X?
  • Was there an error message? If yes, what did it say?
  • The room number.
  • The specific computer or telephone.
  • When did you first notice this?
  • What was supposed to happen, but didn't?


With some issues, you may want to attach a document or screenshot. See the knowledge book page on "Creating a Screenshot" for steps on how to do this.

Submit the request when you are finished.  You should then receive an email confirming we have received your submission.

You can update your ticket by using the link provided in the email. Please do not submit another ticket for the same issue, this will cause delays in processing your request. 

We also may contact you through HelpSpot in order to find out more about your problem or update you on the status of the request. You will recieve this communication via email. Please use the link in the email to respond. For more information, see "Responding to or Updating a Request".

1.2. Responding to or Updating a Request

The easiest way to update a work order is to simply click the "View the complete request history" link on the conformation email that you receive after submitting a work order. Or if you are responding to an email from the helpdesk the link will say "Update your request". If you do not click the links we will not receive the email.

1.3. Creating a Screenshot

The "Snipping Tool" in Windows 7 is a simple way to create and annotate screenshots.

You can locate the Snipping Tool by searching for it in the start menu, or by going to the Start menu >  All Programs > Accessories > Snipping Tool.


  When the program opens, it will allow you to select the area of the screen you would like to include in the screenshot. You will be able to annotate the image using the pen or highlighter tools.


 After you are done, press the "save" icon and save the image in a location you will remember. 

To add your screenshot to a Request Form, click on "Choose File" towards the end of the form. Navigate to, and select your screenshot.


Submit the form when you are ready.